We would like to hear your suggestions about how to improve the accessibility of our Science Case Network.

Consider adding a translation browser button to your browser’s toolbar for the SCN web site.  Go to http://translate.google.com/translate buttons to convert from English to another language.

A sample of the August 2012 Monthly Spotlight on Cases is translated to Spanish below.

If you speak Spanish, please comment below on this translation’s accuracy? Thanks.

Si usted habla español, por favor dejar un comentario más abajo en la exactitud de esta traducción?  Gracias.

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4 Responses to Is English Your Second Language?

  1. RENE FRADETTE says:

    Yes indeed, it would be so interesting that Case It! would be accessible in french. At Université Laval, in Quebec City, teaching in biomedical is given in french.

    But caution, any translating with a machine like Binh or Google is so boring and bearing distracting for our students.

    May be a volunteer who wants to translate correctly and respectfully this extraordinary material for the development of learning in molecular biology.


    R. Fradette, ped. advisor Laval Université, Faculty of medicine

  2. Excellent suggestion, Rene! We are very interested in working with native speakers to translate Case It materials. Interesting volunteers should contact mark.s.bergland@uwrf.edu.

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