CITI and IRB (4 posts)

  • Profile picture of Pat Marsteller Pat Marsteller said 5 years, 1 month ago:

    Please tell us if you have access to CITI certification for the social sciences human subjects
    Let’s disuss IRB documents

  • Profile picture of Carlos C. Goller Deleted User said 5 years ago:

    I do not have access to CITI certification as part of my institution.

    Is an IRB for pre-/post surveys and access to student work enough for assessing a case study in a single class?
    Is there a need to request access to course grades if your surveys and student work from the case study are anonymous? This makes the IRB process “easier”, but then all the evaluations are either self-reported assessments or instructor-graded assignments directly related to the case we created, but that are not part of the course grade…

  • Profile picture of Melissa Birkett Deleted User said 5 years ago:

    I have access to CITI and previous experience submitting IRB applications for SoTL research. I’m happy to read other IRB apps and provide feedback.

  • Profile picture of Kristen Short Deleted User said 4 years, 12 months ago:

    I have access to CITI and have already submitted previous IRB applications. Is most of this type of work exempt under IRB, if we de-identify the data? That’s how my institution has dealt with it in the past.

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