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    [HTML] Case-based learning in pharmacology: Moving from teaching to learning
    MB Vora, CJ Shah – International Journal of Applied and Basic Medical …, 2015
    Abstract Context: The knowledge of pharmacology is an important necessity for the
    prevention and treatment of diseases. The study aimed to find out the beneficial effects of
    case-based learning (CBL) compare to didactic lecture in pharmacology and to evaluate …

    [PDF] Essential Readings in Problem-Based Learning: Exploring and Extending the Legacy of Howard S. Barrows
    AA Tawfik – Interdisciplinary Journal of Problem-Based Learning, 2015
    … often- cited, initial chapter of the section written by Dr. John Sav- ery (“Overview of Problem-Based
    Learning: Definitions and Distinctions”) is aptly situated to outline important defini- tions and
    distinctions for this instructional strategy, such as case-based learning versus problem …

    [HTML] Integrated teaching program using case-based learning
    P Bhardwaj, N Bhardwaj, F Mahdi, JP Srivastava… – International Journal of …, 2015
    Background: At present, in a medical school, students are taught in different departments,
    subject-wise, without integration to interrelate or unify subjects and these results in
    compartmentalization of medical education, with no stress on case-based learning. …

    [HTML] Small group discussion: Students perspectives
    N Annamalai, R Manivel, R Palanisamy – International Journal of Applied and Basic …, 2015
    … [Last accessed on 2012 Jan 07]. Back to cited text no. 2. 3. Gade S, Chari S. Case-based learning
    in endocrine physiology: An approach toward self-directed learning and the development of soft
    skills in medical students. Adv Physiol Educ 2013;37:356-60. Back to cited text no. …

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