Instructional Materials Development Presentation:
Exploring Evolution with Investigative Cases 
Ethel Stanley
March 8, 2012

Who's teaching? Who's learning? (Atebara 1987)



Using Investigative Cases





Case 1:  Donor’s Dilemma

Case Analysis Form

Each group will fill in their form to share with the group.

Tool:  EBI  ClustalW2

Select Nucleic and then copy entire contents of the WNVsequences file in Data below .  Be sure to copy the  >  at the beginning of the file.
Paste the file content into the window for multiple alignment
(compares sequences for relatedness).

Submit to generate multiple alignments.

Save alignment file.

Go to Phylogeny and select ClustalW2.

Select alignment file, then copy the contents.

Paste the contents into the  window.

Submit to generate phylogram.

Data and Links:


Case Analysis Form Results

IMD Group Responses to the Donor's Dilemma Case Analysis


More Evolution Cases:

National Center for Case Study Teaching in Science

CASES Online

Case IT 



Consider adding cases to the classroom.

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