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    Hello everyone! I am also a new Case Fellow. I am currently a doctoral student in Educational Leadership at Central Michigan University. I am finishing up my dissertation this summer. I am studying the scholarship of teaching and it is developed through the acculturation process of biology faculty members. I also teach full time at Davenport University. For my case study I would like to develop a multi-part case study that follows the life of one person that I can use throughout the semester in my pathophysiology course for nursing students. I want to focus on how epigenetics, disruption of the microbiome, and other environmental factors are the underlying cause of some of the major diseases. I want to relate it to each organ system that I cover. My plan sounds similar to what Natalie is trying to accomplish. I won’t be able to attend the SCN in June, but I hope to meet you all at one of the other meetings. Cheers! Melissa

    • If you search the Buffalo case collection for disease, you’ll find a wealth of materials to start with adapting to your course. You can also search by system.

      then again, some recent NYT articles might be a good start or some of the NYT Well cases that are published.