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    Kotler and Armstrong define marketing as "the process by which companies create value for patrons and create strong customer relationships as a way to capture value from customer in turn." This definition alone can explain why marketing is important, but let’s outline why marketing ought to be one of several small enterprise owner’s main priorities.

    1. Marketing builds value inside your products and services for the customers. Most salespeople want to know as few as easy to make the sale. Some sales agents needs technical specifications and things like that, but ultimately, the less they have to educate yourself on the better. As a result sense, because their goal is usually to make sales. Therefore, marketing has got to step up that will create value to your customer. If you can’t create value on your customers, why can they purchase from you? Sometimes they are going to purchase from you once, but will they come back if you have no value?

    Often times, companies don’t take advantage of each of the ways they are able to give value to their customers. They explore the production or product thought of marketing and end up with marketing myopia. Marketing myopia occurs a firm pays more focus on the product/service compared to value or benefits it offers on the customer. You should not allowed this to occur. Look closely at your web visitors and why they are buying your product or service. Use a Toyota Prius not only as it reduces gas, speculate celebrate them fell more eco-friendly.

    2. Marketing assists in building customer relationships. Everyone put emphasis on the sales people in relation to sales. "If the salesforce doesn’t work harder, we won’t increase sales," however this isn’t necessarily true. It is thrice the maximum amount of to secure a new customer because it gives keep a pre-existing one. Which means you have to keep up with the relationship together with your current customers as a way to lower marketing and purchases costs and increase sales.

    Properly planned and implemented marketing activities include the main strategy to build customer relationships. These activities may include a lot of things: loyalty programs, thank-you cards, customer appreciation events, special gifts, and the like. Each company must discover an original way to set themselves independent of the competition while constructing a loyal and long-lasting relationship.

    3. Marketing establishes a product image. If you use FedEx for shipping, you know what you are getting: fast delivery, flexible shipping options, and much better service than other shippers. Are common of the things true? They are often, however marketing activities established most of these. FedEx will have to meet these expectations of their brand, however their marketing department set the consumer with this picture.

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