Tracie M. Addy

Quinnipiac University
mentor: Tracie Addy

Tracy plans a study that examines the impact of the usage of cases or problem-based learning exercises on various outcomes such as students’ achievement, retention, science efficacy, as well as other outcomes. She plans to publish the outcomes of this research to inform the field of science education

Rachel Bayless

Agnes Scott College
Mentor: Pat Marsteller

Rachel will develop case studies that combine the mathematics of dynamical systems with other fields such as biology, chemistry, physics, economics, etc. Her project will examine the use of case studies, and how effective they are compared to writing projects currently in use.

Melissa Birkett

Northern Arizona University
Mentor: Melissa Birkett

Melissa is interested in adopting case study and problem based learning in the introductory and advanced neuroscience courses. She is particularly interested in using a SOTL approach to assess teaching and learning effectiveness. She plans to choose PBL or case studies in an advanced (junior/senior level) neuroscience course. Pre- and post-testing within subjects designs and/or between groups designs may be appropriate.

Lauren S Gollahon

Texas Tech University
Mentor: Deborah Allen

Lauren plans to design a flipped classroom environment for an Anatomy and Physiology course in which peer mentors are recruited from previous semesters. Interactive learning programs such as Learning Catalytics, as well as problem-based learning would be incorporated into the classroom. Her SOTL project will focus on the impact on the students’ experience and enhancing student learning in biology.

Carlos C. Goller

North Carolina State University
Mentor: Pat Marsteller

Charles will develop a case study for his metagenomics course that addresses the new ethical and computational issues that have emerged with advances in sequencing and the tremendous growth of sequence databases. His SOTL project will evaluate the use of case studies with a particular focus on ethical issues.

Jennifer Hurst-Kennedy

Georgia Gwinnett College
Mentor: Pat Marsteller

Jennifer will assess the impact of the new inquiry-based laboratory that includes modules in an upper level biotechnological techniques course on student attitudes towards scientific research and careers in biotechnology as well as gains in student learning and critical thinking.

Kenny Kuo

Guilford College
Mentor: Pat Marsteller

Kenny is interested in understanding the effectiveness of group-based problem solving methods on the mastery of basic biological principles and attitudes towards science. Currently, there are several methods that incorporate group-based problem solving concept, He will design and implement assessment tools to acquire data on the impact of group-based problem solving methods on the mastery of basic biological principles and attitudes towards science.

Wendy Annor Owens

Prince George’s Community College
Mentor: Deborah Allen

Wendy is interested in developing and implementing case-based learning in her Environmental Biology Course at Prince George’s Community College. Her project will document student’s learning.

Sarah Prescott

University of New Hampshire
Mentor: Margaret Waterman

Sarah is developing two new courses in the area of personal genomics. Her SOTL project is to investigate the impact on student learning in these courses. There are several subthemes of her planned investigations, such as how does the increased knowledge of the field of personal genomics affect a student’s desire to have their own genome sequenced.

Joan Sharp

Simon Fraser University
Mentor: Pat Marsteller

Joan uses case studies and, more recently, clicker cases in teaching general biology courses. Joan will compare the success of various active learning components in promoting student engagement and learning in a general biology class. Specifically, I will compare the success of take-home case studies, in-class problem sets (both completed in small groups), and in class clicker-cases (with clicker questions answered individually).

Kristen Short

Manchester University
Mentor: Margaret Waterman

Kristen will implement a SOTL project into her molecular biology course this spring, with the goal to learn and contribute to the understanding of case study teaching in science courses. She hope her teaching at Manchester will help introduce case study and PBL teaching into the science curriculum.

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