Science Case Net was a featured session at the annual BioQUEST Summer Workshop June 15-21, 2012 at Goucher College in Baltimore, MD. This year’s theme, Making a Difference with Data, is described below:

Access to well organized and level-appropriate scientific content online has freed instructors from presenting that content in courses. Furthermore, access to escience resources including data and analysis tools provide opportunities to engage in scientific practices and participation in a knowledge building community. How can curriculum structures reflect this new teaching and learning environment? What are effective instructional strategies for supporting student inquiry and promoting a deep understanding of biological principles and practices? What opportunities and challenges does an emphasis on working with data pose? The 2012 BioQUEST Summer Workshop will bring together a diverse community of innovative biology educators representing multiple national projects to work together on these difficult issues.

Science Case Network: Making a Difference with Data – 
Room 422 Margaret Waterman

SCNandData  Powerpoint

Choices    Case Analysis Responses

Bad Project (humor)

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