See you in Englewood, Colorado on May 16th!

Case Study and PBL in STEM Education

In collaboration with the ASMCUE: Twenty Years of Vision, Change and Leadership  conference, the Science Case Network is hosting a special one day networking event on furthering the use of cases and problem-based learning (PBL) in higher education.  We encourage those with experience in case-based learning to submit a poster on using cases in their courses, their case project, or their research on the use of cases as part of our outreach effort.


The Science Case Network meeting will take place on Thursday, May 16, prior to the start of ASMCUE. We invite ASMCUE attendees to arrive in Denver one day early to join us for this pre-conference event. However, attendance at ASMCUE is not required to attend the Science Case Network meeting. Space is limited, and applicants will be selected based on interest and experience to facilitate networking around cases and PBL.

There is no registration fee for this pre-conference meeting.  Lodging will be provided for May 15th and 16th for accepted participants. Meals beginning with dinner on May 15th through lunch on May 16th will be provided.  Additional travel support is available upon request (available to U.S. travelers only).

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The Science Case Network is supported by NSF RCN-UBE grant #1062049.

This project supports a community of science educators, learners, researchers, developers, and professional organizations interested in furthering the accessibility, development, and use of cases and problem based learning in science education.

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