We would like to welcome our Fellows as they explore the scholarship of teaching and learning with cases. Learn more about each of our SOTL Scholars. They are also found under About in the top menubar.

Deborah Allen will work with Wendy Owens (Prince George’s Community College), Lauren Gollahan (Texas Tech University), and Tracey Addy (Quinnipiac University).

Margaret Waterman will work with Sarah Prescott (University of New Hampshire), Melissa Birkett (Northern Arizona University) and Kristen Short  (Manchester University).

Pat Marsteller will mentor Joan Sharp (Simon Fraser University), Kenny Kuo (Guilford College), Jennifer Hurst Kennedy (Georgia Gwinnett College), Carlos Goller (North Carolina State) and Rachel Bayless (Agnes Scott College).

Each scholar will develop a year-long project. Scholars will discuss the approaches they plan to use on-line to entice others to try a SOTL approach. The SOTL mentors will meet with SOTL scholars monthly using Skype, Adobe Connect or Google Hangouts. They will present their results at one of our network conferences and a national disciplinary conference.

The SOTL scholars receive $500 plus travel to present their work at of the SCN meetings. This year, group leaders will present progress at the SCN conference at the University of Delaware on June 28-30, 2014. They will be offered the opportunity to join the BioQUEST Summer Workshop on June 21-28, 2014 described at http://bioquest.org/. Case and SOTL Fellows may choose to attend the 2014 American Society of Microbiology Conference for Undergraduate Educators this May instead.

SOTL scholars will read and discuss the following articles.  Our website will be used to post discussions and each SOTL Scholar will have monthly discussions via Skype (or other means) with their mentor.

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