Starting A Group

SCN is a place to network.

One of the major design features of ScienceCaseNet (SCN) is to provide a space for members who wish to form user groups to pursue case and pbl issues in science education.

 To start a new group, you must first be a member.

Then you need to contact the web editor to get permission.  (If you are a steering committee member or have already started a group, you already have permission.)

Once you have been notified by the web editor of your new status, you will need to login.

Under Groups in the menubar, choose Current Groups.  Click on the Create a Group button next to the Groups Directory.

You will need to enter the following information:

  1. the proposed name of your group
  2. a brief description of the work of the group
  3. whether the group is private or public, and
  4. the contact information for the SCN member who will moderate the group

If you wish, an avatar (image) for the group can be loaded as well.

SCN provides a service to the user community. Moderators are expected to be familiar with our terms of use and lead the group’s activity on the site responsibly.

If you have any questions, please contact the web editor.

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