Welcome to this interactive network on PBL and case-based learning in science education for educators wanting to use cases in their classes,  for curriculum and faculty developers, for researchers exploring these methods, and for individuals interested in sharing their experience.

We see the science case network (SCN) as a place to explore cases and PBL, to foster communication and collaboration between individuals who might not have the chance to make connections easily, and to encourage proposals for development, implementation, and research around learning with PBL and cases.

SCN serves as a conduit for the exchange of information and ideas through links to project leaders whose workshops, presentations or conferences others are not able to attend. Educators can look for resources, researchers can post surveys, and groups can form around specific topics.

A major objective of this network is to provide opportunities for sharing across the boundaries of education and research as well as between the science disciplines which are critical to biologists and their students.

We hope community interactions will help us build and refine the SCN site. Make comments, join a group, identify new resources, present at our conference, add a calendar event – there are multiple opportunities to become involved.

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