The Science Case Network Groups are a convenient way to get in touch with folks who share your interests.

You can join an existing group in order to:

  1. post a question specific to your own case teaching
  2. share resources
  3. add an event that you know about that offers new insights, methods, data, etc.
  4. reply to someone’s question or discussion
  5. make suggestions or clarifications
  6. introduce yourself, your project, or a new idea
  7. learn from group members who are working with cases in their own courses

You might create your own group to explore an issue or resource with the science case network community.  You might have a group that is open for participants in a workshop or a group working on specific questions who would like to share their progress. You could also have a private group for special projects.

To learn more, select an item below:

Current Groups
Joining A Group
Starting A Group

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